How to search surfing logs of users in WiJungle?

WiJungle appliances come with an internal storage capacity to keep surfing logs for a tentative period of 1 Year. In addition to that appliance grants the privilege to administrator to easily search these logs. Pre-requisite – Admin must have the write permission of User Logging in User Management section. Steps […]

How to access any LAN device remotely in WiJungle?

To access any LAN network device from WAN network, concept of PORT FORWARDING is used. To create port forwarding, an admin must have at least the read and write privilege of Port Forwarding module. Steps to configure – 1. Go to Network->More Utility->Port Forwarding 2. Below form will open. Enter the […]

How to bypass authentication for a device to access internet?

WiJungle – (UTM + Hotspot Gateway) appliance supports four different types of policies for easy management of network. Among the four; MAC, IP & Interface based policies can be applied on the device to bypass authentication. Process A (MAC Whitelist or MAC Based Policy): Pre-requisite: Administrator should have Write privilege […]

How to load balance multiple WAN/ISP links in WiJungle?

Load Balancing is a foremost feature required in any of the organization network. Managing multiple links to increase the availability of internet in LAN network is what a load balancer does. WiJungle offers load balancing in two different modes –  Active-Active :  All of the links will serve the traffic […]

How to configure VLAN (Virtual LAN) in WiJungle?

Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) use tag-based LAN multiplexing technology to simulate multiple LAN’s within a single physical LAN using IP header tagging. VLAN ID/tags are 4-byte frame extensions that contain a VLAN identifier as well as other information. VLANs multiply the capabilities of WiJungle appliance. VLAN tags added to […]

Overview of WiJungle

WiJungle is the only Advanced appliance in the current time that serves the purpose of UTM/NGFW and Hotspot Gateway. It suffices and caters the need of every business vertical (like Enterprises, Education Institutes, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Residential Estates, Events etc.) uncompromisingly. This way WiJungle has eliminated the need to […]

Installation Start Guide of WiJungle

The installation guide describes in short steps to assemble the appliance and explains how to open the WiJungle Admin Dashboard. The Admin Dashboard then further allows you to configure every aspect of the security and gateway system. Assemble and Power On Step 1 – Unpack the box, connect the appliance […]

How to assign multiple IP addresses on WAN interfaces?

Overview WiJungle allows to configure Alias i.e. assigning multiple IP addresses on a single WAN interface. Scenario Assign Alias to WAN interface Port A Configuration You must be logged on to WiJungle Admin Dashboard as an administrator with read and write permission. Go to Network > Interface Settings […]