SLB Optimization

WiJungle now supports :

1. Load Balance : Support both TCP and UDP based application including lightweight MQTT, Web Socket or other protocols for machine to machine connectivity between IoT appliances such as small sensors, mobile devices etc..
Allows auto-discover and auto-scale workloads deployed in public cloud along with GSLB. Prefetch pages for faster access and allows offline server takeover.

2. Out of Band Programming : Support out of band programming for control plane along with data plane scripting for function like content inspection and traffic management. Also support SQL-based querying for the various databases.

3. Dual Processor: Higher end models like  U2500, U3500, U5000, U5000HX, U7500, U7500V etc have dual processor having multiple cores on their motherboard where some NIC are connected with CPU 1 and other with CPU 2 enhancing the processing capability and increasing the throughput & can scale against dynamic latest security threats.

4. Multi Factor Authentication: With Admin & User authentication(AD,LDAP,Radius,Kerberos,Local DB etc), you can enable 2/3FA with email/sms/hw token/google/twilio etc authenticators for all the platforms like windows/Mac/Linux/Android/Ios etc.

5. Port Agnostic Inspection: appliances are now capable of automatically detecting & inspecting the different protocols over non-standard communication ports and apply protecting policies according to them.

6. Deep Learning based Rule Inspection: access rules can now be inspected with our machine learning models to give proper suggestion for optimization. It has an ability to remove all the active content, macros, block the malicious contents while sending document to the end user as clean document and not to legitimate destination.

7. Tap Mode: It allows you to passively monitor traffic flows across a network.

8. Wire Mode: A Wire Mode interface does not take any IP address and it is typically configured as a bridge between a pair of interfaces

9. SD-WAN Support: This feature has been added.

10. Terminal & Citrix Support: We have added terminal services and citrix support for authentication.

11. REST API: We have added resta api support for mangement.

12. Certificate Management & Validation: You can add Certificate Authority, Generate CSR, Generate Self Signed Certificate or can upload custom certificates & CRL. Also you can block invalid certificates.

13. WiJungle Content Caching: Our Web Proxy can cache the content to speed up the connection.

14. Central Management: This feature has been added and can be integrated via our cloud console or hardware form factor management console. You can segment the rule base in a sub-policy structure in which only relevant traffic is being forwarded to relevant policy segment for an autonomous system and provides integrated Logging & Reporting with Automated Management and Event Correlation System. Communication is encrypted and authenticated with PKI Certificates.

15. Advanced Anti-Bot: It uses a multi-tiered detection engine, which includes the reputation of IPS, URLs and DNS addresses and detect patterns of bot communications and find C&C traffic patterns.

16. DNS Interceptor: It intercepts the dns traffic transparently and apply web filtering policies, block dns tunneling, bot communications, command and control etc.

17. Compatible with SNORT Signature: IDPS engine is compatible with SNORT signatures.

18. Enhanced Reports: Admin can now generate instant and periodic drill-down reports with the option to export in various formats like xls,csv,pdf,html etc or can be scheduled for FTP/NAS Server or email. Reports can be on per user, application, internet traffic, network flow, web content, malwares, incidents etc basis.

19. Intrusion Prevention System: WiJungle IDPS have signature and anomaly base intrusion detection and prevention system with more than 35000+ signatures. It can detect, respond to and alert any unauthorized activityas well as detect incidents that originate from inside the network perimeter as well as from outside the network perimeter and shall be able to take action on the basis of configured policies. Signatures are automatically updated through our threat cloud.

20. Hardware Fail Open Cards: WiJungle now supports hardware fail open cards for critical interfaces and appliances level.

21. Hardware Fail Open Cards: WiJungle now supports hardware fail open cards for critical interfaces and appliances level.

22. MDM Features: have basic MDM features to support SSL VPN users to connect via tablets and mobile devices.

23. Latency: It is <=60 micro seconds.

Please note WiJungle OS has not reported any vulnerability in last 3 years from 2018-2022.

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