Display System Limits

Run the following commands to see the limits:

config show general limits

Sample output of U250 models are as below:
max_addresses: 65536
max_address_groups: 65536
max_dos_policy_rules: 10000
max_vlans: 4096
max_nat_policy_rules: 8192 [Includes all types of NAT like manual NAT,Auto-NAT, static nat, dynamic nat, dynamic pat]
max_zone: 120
max_custom_application_signatures: 32768
max_custom_application_categories: 256
max_predefined_web_categories: 110
max_custom_web_categories: 420
current_cloud_url_lists: 310,000,000+
max_cert_cache_entries: 0x200
max_qos_policy_rule: 8192



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