SGT Protection

Layer 2 Security Group Tag (SGT) of 16 bits is assigned to endpoint session by ISE, it is needed to support the TrustSec 802.1Q header to inspect the content. It can be done by WIJungle Appliances to drop the packet if SGT matches with 802.1Q(0x8909) headers. Navigate to command line […]

How to use builtin & external dynamic lists?

WiJungle provides list of poor reputation & malicious ip addresses via builtin external dynamic lists which is constanly getting updated via our threat intelligence cloud. Additionally, you can add your custom ip & url dynamic list as well in IP Host->Dynamic list and add your own thread feed Urls with […]

Display System Limits

Run the following commands to see the limits: config show general limits Sample output  are as below: max_addresses: 65536 max_address_groups: 65536 max_dos_policy_rules: 10000 max_access_rules: 10000 max_vlans: 4096 max_nat_policy_rules: 8192 [Includes all types of NAT like manual NAT,Auto-NAT, static nat, dynamic nat, dynamic pat] max_nat_sessions: 5,000,000 max_zone: 120 max_custom_application_signatures: 32768 max_custom_application_categories: […]

How to enable Multi-Factor authentication in WiJungle Appliances

Multi-factor authentication is an authentication method in which a user or device is granted access only after successfully providing two or more verification to an authentication mechanism. WiJungle supports multiple HW/SW verification channels like SMS, Email, Google Authenticator, Authy etc. which can be enabled for User as well Admin access […]

How to enable Guest OTP portal with SMS Gateway Authentication

To enable the guest OTP portal first you need to select the messaging gateway you want to use 1.  Navigate to “SMS GATEWAY / FEEDBACK >>Configuration Settings” 2. There will be two available options if you are in the Indian region select “Use Unlimited Free SMS of WiJungle” otherwise select […]

How to configure Active Directory Single Sign On?

There are various simple steps need to be followed: 1. Open WiJungle Dashboard->Navigate to User Management->Authentication Server 2. Click on Add Server 3. Enter all the needed information 4. Click on Test Connection to verify it 5. Save it and Click on Import Wizard to add User/Usergroups 6. Go to […]

What is Unified License in WiJungle Appliances?

Our organization vision is to provide Unified Network Security across industry, the same reflects in our License Policy as well. Our Unified License automatically contains below features: 1.  VPN(SSL+IPSEC+L2TP etc) License 2.  PMS License 3.  Antivirus License 4.  ATP/Sandstorm License [Zero Day Attack Protection] 5.  Antispam License 6.  IDPS License […]

What all app-layer parsers are supported in WiJungle Appliance?

WiJungle supports 3000+ App signatures and 200+ protocols. You can configure below app-layer parsers port agnostically for inspection and protection along with other custom parsers: rfb mqtt krb5 snmp cifs ike tls rpc arp dcerpc ftp ftps rdp ssh http2 telnet smtp esmtp imap imaps pop3 pop3s smb nfs tftp […]