How to enable Guest OTP portal with SMS Gateway Authentication

To enable the guest OTP portal first you need to select the messaging gateway you want to use

1.  Navigate to “SMS GATEWAY / FEEDBACK >>Configuration Settings”

2. There will be two available options if you are in the Indian region select “Use Unlimited Free SMS of WiJungle” otherwise select “Use Any other third-party Service”  and click  submit

After that, you need to create a group for your Guest

3. To create a group navigate to “User Management >> User Management >> User Groups” and click on the option “ADD GROUP”

4. Select the group type “Normal” and select Type “Roaming Users ”

5. In Select Captive Portal, Select “Simple Mobile Number Template” and fill in all the other necessary information

Your portal has been created It will be viewed as soon as you try to access the internet

6. You can also fully customize the Guest portal according to your need by navigating to “CAPTIVE PORTAL SETTINGS” then select “Simple mobile number template” and customize as per your need

Now all you have to do is open the captive portal from Lan Zone and “Simple Mobile Number Template” will appear.


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