What is SSL decryption & how many concurrent of these sessions are supported?

SSL Decryption
It is the ability to read, modify and drop the content of SSL traffic as it passes through WiJungle Appliances. With WiJungle Next Gen Inspection Engine, we can even deeply inspect TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 traffic without degrading performance with the help of hardware acceleration and add custom url categories for exemption.

As per the analysis of Google tracking, 94% of the entire traffic passing through their servers is encrypted.
Although this secures your communication & your sensitive digital data, but still it is essential to look inside this traffic to mitigate the risk as advanced threat vectors like malware are constantly being delivered via encrypted medium.

While SSL decryption can improve the security posture, organizations must be aware of its implications. Some choose not to decrypt certain traffic, such as traffic containing medical or financial data, so they need to set up filters and policies help to ensure that these types of connections remain private.

Nonetheless, SSL decryption is an important aspect and should be done in order to reduce risk and keep their users and data safe.

Concurrent SSL Decryption Sessions
It depicts the maximum number of concurrent SSL Decryption sesion an appliance can support.

Please find the list below for few of our models with their concurrent SSL Decryption sessions:
1. U500EX       :   42,000
2. U1000         :   46,000
3. V1250         :   100,000
3. U2500        :   200,000
4. U5000HX  :   400,000




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