WiJungle now supports :

1. FastPath packet optimization : it improves firewall throughput performance by automatically putting trusted and secure packets on the fast path where they don’t have to be processed by the firewall policy engine for identification and destination. Instead, the firewall forwards these packets directly to the security engine for scanning om the parallel pass architecture.

2. TLS 1.3 : native TLS 1.3 inspection and decryption capability with an option to restrict with downgrading to TLS 1.2.

3. Dual Processor: Higher end models like  U2500, U3500, U5000, U5000HX, U7500, U7500V etc have dual processor on their motherboard where some NIC are connected with CPU 1 and other with CPU 2 enhancing the processing capability and increasing the throughput.

4. Multi Factor Authentication: With Admin & User authentication, you can enable 2/3FA with email/sms/hw token/google/twilio etc authenticators for all the platforms like windows/Mac/Linux/Android/Ios etc.

5. Port Agnostic Inspection: appliances are now capable of automatically detecting & inspecting the different protocols over non-standard communication ports and apply protecting policies according to them.

6. Deep Learning based Rule Inspection: access rules can now be inspected with our machine learning models to give proper suggestion for optimization.

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