DNS Optimization

WiJungle now supports :

1. Modes : Supports both authoritative and recursive mode. All record types like A, AAAA, DNAME, CNAME, MX, HINFO, PTR, TXT, SRV etc.

2. Increase DNS Defence Depth : Prevent DNS Exfiltration, volumetric attacks, DNS Tunneling, Phantom domain attacks, Cache poisoning, Amplification & Reflection Attacks, Resource Utilization Attacks, Domain lock-up attacks, DNS Sloth, Recursive layer attacks, DNS based exploits & dangling DNS etc

3. Persistent DNS Cache: Persists cache data in reboot, updates, patches and firmware upgrades.

4. Response Policy Zone & IP Reputation Feeds: Inbuilt as well external feeds for protection.

5. REST API: We have added resta api support for mangement.

6. Central Management: This feature has been added and can be integrated via our cloud console or hardware form factor management console. You can segment the rule base in a sub-policy structure in which only relevant traffic is being forwarded to relevant policy segment for an autonomous system and provides integrated Logging & Reporting with Automated Management and Event Correlation System. Communication is encrypted and authenticated with PKI Certificates.

7. DNS Interceptor: It intercepts the dns traffic transparently and apply web filtering policies, block dns tunneling, bot communications, command and control etc. All devices supports more than 4M DNS Queries per second.

8. Enhanced Reports: Admin can now generate instant and periodic drill-down reports with the option to export in various formats like xls,csv,pdf,html etc or can be scheduled for FTP/NAS Server or email. .


Please note WiJungle OS has not reported any vulnerability in last 3 years from 2018-2023.

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