What is Anti-DDoS SSL Connections per second and ECC transactions per second

SSL Connections per second: It measures how fast the WiJungle Appliance can handle new TCP/SSL/TLS connections within 1 second.

The SSL CPS test includes the following transactions:
1. TCP connection setup (3-way handshake) between client and WiJungle Appliance
2. SSL handshake between the client and the WiJungle Appliance
3. HTTPS GET request and response within a TCP connection
4. TCP and SSL connection teardown

Values for below models are as below:
1. U2500 – 85K TPS (RSA 2K), 75K TPS (ECDHE)
2. U7500V – 180K TPS (RSA 2K), 120K TPS (ECDHE)


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