How to create IPv6 host in WiJungle?

To create IPv6 Hosts, first navigate to Network / More Utility / Hosts Section.
Fill the info as per the below parameters and press save.

IP Host

Field Description
Name Enter a name to identify the IPv6 Host.
Type Available Options:

•Single IP Address

•IP Range

•IP list To add assorted IP Addresses. Use a comma to specify assorted multiple IP Addresses. Create an IP list to configure a single Firewall Rule for multiple IP Addresses which are not in a range.

IP Address Select IPv6 Address based on the Host Type selected.
IP Host Group Select host group. A single host can be a member of multiple host groups.



 IPv6 Hosts can be imported to WiJungle by configuring the sample.csv file.
The file can be downloaded from the option available.




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