How to search surfing logs of users in WiJungle?

WiJungle appliances come with an internal storage capacity to keep surfing logs for a tentative period of 1 Year. In addition to that appliance grants the privilege to administrator to easily search these logs.

Pre-requisite – Admin must have the write permission of User Logging in User Management section.

Step 1: Go to User Management-> User Logging.

Step 2: Now the search can be performed on various basis.

Case I. If the administrator is keen to know the visited websites by a particular user, then search can be made with the corresponding User ID or Mobile no.

Case II. If the administrator is willing to know the surfing done via a particular IP, then search can be carried out with the corresponding IP.

Case III. If the administrator wants to know the visits to a particular website, then search can be made based on that.

Case IV. If logs have to be checked within a particular duration, then administrator can again easily do that.

Practical Scenario Example –
Lets say corporate ‘C’ has 500 employees and employee ‘E’ wrote a threatening mail to a VVIP person ‘V’. Following which investigation started taking place. Experts found the public IP and reached IT Manager of ‘C’. They inquired manager to provide the list of users who were using website ‘W’ yesterday at 4 PM.
Now based on the information been provided by experts, manager can search the surfing logs by entering,
Start time as yesterday’s date & 3:50 PM
End time as yesterday’s date & 4:10 PM
Website as ‘W’

The searched Logs would be presented in below format. Manager can then export them in PDF or CSV and submit to the expert to help them find culprit.


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