How to configure Cloud Applications

This technology is used to enforce security, monitoring and governance policies for cloud applications. Alternatively called CASB(Cloud Access Security Broker) acts as a gatekeeper allowing the organizations to eliminate and identify the malicious activity and data at risk.

In WiJungle Dashboard, navigate to Content Filtering / Application Filtering.

Filter Cloud Application in the Application List, it will list out all the known applications present in WiJungle Appliance.

By adding Application Policy to a user/user group, you can allow, block and monitor the current application in use and block the unwanted applications. Qos can be applied from Additional Package for specific application as per the requirement.

Appliance contains 70+ web categories containing 100M+ real time websites and 3500+ app signatures.

By navigating to Logs Section, admin can check out the current applications in use, action being applied, upload/download usage to decide the further course of action.

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