Installation Start Guide of WiJungle

The installation guide describes in short steps to assemble the appliance and explains how to open the WiJungle Admin Dashboard. The Admin Dashboard then further allows you to configure every aspect of the security and gateway system.

Assemble and Power On

Step 1 – Unpack the box, connect the appliance to the power supply via adapter/power cable and turn it on.

Configure to Open WiJungle Admin Dashboard

Step 2 – Plugin the one end of RJ 45 Ethernet cable in Port  C or Port 3 or LAN 2 and another end with your laptop.

Step 3 – Connect the other end of RJ 45 cable in Admin PC. Go to Network & Sharing Center (in Windows PC) or Network Connections/Manager (in Linux PC) or Network (in MAC PC) and set the Static IP as and subnet mask and default gateway

Step 4 – Open the browser and hit –, If Port A is connected via DHCP internet else use then hit enter

Step 5 – Click on Advanced, followed by add exception and confirm security exception to open the WiJungle Admin Dashboard. (recommended browser firefox or google chrome)

Step 6 – Enter default Username as admin and Password as admin1A@ to login.

Step 7 – Now enter License Key shared over the registered email or ask your supplier to provide that.

Step 8 – Entering the correct license key will redirect you to Home Page and appliance is ready for further configurations.


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