How to access any LAN device remotely in WiJungle?

To access any LAN network device from WAN network, concept of PORT FORWARDING is used.

To create port forwarding, an admin must have at least the read and write privilege of Port Forwarding module.

Steps to configure –
1. Go to Network->More Utility->Port Forwarding

2. Below form will open. Enter the values in the required fields as per the parameter description table.

Parameter Name Description
Name Enter the name.
Select WAN IPs Select the IPs through which remote user would access the LAN device.
Protocol Choose the protocol TCP or UDP that you want the forwarded packets to use.
External Port Type Select the type of external port from the available options: Port, Port Range or Port List.
External Port/s Enter the external port or port range number for which you want to configure port forwarding.
Mapped Port Type Select the type of mapped port from the available options: Port or Port Range.
Mapped Port Specify mapped port number on the destination network to which the public port number is mapped.
Mapped IP  The IP address of the internal server/host.

3. Click on save to enable the Port Forwarding.



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