How to load balance multiple WAN/ISP links in WiJungle?

Load Balancing is a foremost feature required in any of the organization network. Managing multiple links to increase the availability of internet in LAN network is what a load balancer does.

WiJungle offers load balancing in two different modes –

  •  Active-Active :  All of the links will serve the traffic but in their defined respective ratios.
  • Active-Backup : One of the link acts as primary link and serves all the traffic. Once the primary link is down,  backup link starts serving the complete traffic.
Steps to configure –

Go to Network > Load Balancing

Select the mode in which you want to configure multiple links.

If selected Active-Active, then define the weight-age in which you want the traffic to be distributed among the lines.
For example, 1:4 means 20% of the traffic would go through line A and 80% of the traffic would go through B.
Similarly, 1:2:2 means 20% of the traffic would go through link A, 40% each through the link B and C.


If selected Active-Backup, then you can choose (Total -1) links as primary for serving all the traffic. In case any of the primary goes down, backup line would start serving traffic.
For example, if there are three lines – A, B and C. If A and B are chosen as primary and if any amongst both goes down then C would start serving traffic.


Once set the mode and value, click on save to apply.


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